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Finding the right person at the right time means leveraging unique supply relationships and the data-driven scale of programmatic media buying. TVIQ does that and more.

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TVIQ’s New York-based media planning and buying team brings the power of a major media agency to initiatives of any size, leveraging best-in-class data and media technology platforms so that we deliver measurable results & actionable insights.

Why you should trust TVIQ with your media budget

We’re experts in data and programmatic media buying platforms, but because of our publisher-focused business, we also have access to inventory and ad products that otherwise aren’t available to other agencies & media buying platforms. That means we bring large agency expertise and efficiency to bear but also have direct-to-publisher relationships that can help keep costs down, letting your ad budget go further. 

Years of agency management experience

Our team was part of the pioneering group that built out the first programmatic media buying platforms and have worked with agencies & brands from coast-to-coast. That means we know how to make a budget of any size work.

No first-party data? No problem!

Because we sit across multiple demand side platforms, we have access to unique datasets that are often unavailable to traditional independent agencies. Our team can access data from search, social, digital, commerce, and even real-world events which we use to increase accuracy & performance.

Unique access to supply matters

Most agencies access supply from the open programmatic marketplace or pay premiums to go publisher direct; TVIQ’s supply-side business means we can develop unique solutions for our media buying clients without incurring the premiums that other agencies are forced to pay, passing the cost-savings on to our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The value of adding connected TV into your media plan is that it is both scalable and addressable. Because it is truly digital advertising, our clients can use any number of data sets and strategies to target, retarget, and even move data from CTV to other mediums (and vice versa) to truly create an omni-channel advertising strategy.

Of course! TVIQ works with agencies every day to provide supplemental connected TV media planning and buying services. Our team can support your team behind the scenes to help execute streaming TV advertising campaigns.

Yes! While CPMs in the connected TV space do exceed those in traditional digital video, there are a number of ways to offset those higher per-unit costs via working directly with publishers, contextual targeting, and even barter-based deals. TVIQ can ensure that your budget reaches the best-fit audience, no matter the size or targeting constraints.

No we don’t – in fact we intentionally leverage multiple programmatic systems so that we can find the best price, best supply, and best-performing data set in the most efficient way possible. Let technology firms build technology and let TVIQ make it work for you.

Yes! TVIQ works with some of the leading ad product vendors in the industry and can help you deploy products that leverage QR codes, in-ad games & challenges, product finders, and even in-ad commerce.

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