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Off-the-shelf data management and business intelligence applications often don’t work in a multi-platform, multi-channel world; customization is what you need and TVIQ can help you get there.

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TVIQ is a services organization and therefore is committed to not building or licensing analytics technology; we believe that software companies should build software and our role is to help our clients select, implement, and manage whatever solution is best for them. The secret sauce is understanding how to interpret and take action against your data.

TVIQ is your go-to CTV data management expert.

CTV data is inherently disjointed and distributed, but our team is experts in the aggregation, normalization, visualization, and activation of those disparate data sets. TVIQ can help you turn that data into revenue and engagement.

Years of data and analytics experience.

Our team has years of experience developing data platforms, building & using media analytics systems, and leading custom software development projects. From basic spreadsheets to heavy-iron business intelligence systems, we can help you build what you need.

Every project is customized.

Due to budget needs, data needs, available data sets, or any other constraint you may be facing, TVIQ can help you source and implement the right set of tools for whatever you may need.

Data makes the difference.

Regardless of your data experience, building out your in-house data practice will pay dividends in the long term. The more you understand your business, the more effectively you can identify opportunities for growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. Building out an internal data practice is as much about getting comfortable with your data as it is about the systems themselves, and getting comfortable with the data can be as simple as working with our team to start to review a consolidated data set on a regular basis.

Each of those external systems provides a unique view into your data, but each view is different. Metrics differ, nomenclatures differ, even counting methodologies differ. Finding where those numbers match up, where they don’t, and how that impacts your business is critical for understanding the opportunity gaps. 

Not as much as you think! There are a number of cost-effective platforms that can be leveraged to build out a customized data platform. Tools like Snowflake, Domo, Tableau, Airtable, and more can all provide robust support without draining your budget. Our team will help you identify, select, and implement the right set of systems for you.

No we don’t – in fact we intentionally haven’t built our own system because doing so would limit our flexibility and cause customers to pay more for a potentially inferior product. We believe that every customer is unique and therefore every solution should take advantage of the best-in-class systems that are already available and built by technology companies, not those built by consulting companies.

Yes! TVIQ works with some of the leading data scientists in the industry and in fact has access to some of the brightest minds in all of media. Our team is ready to help you take a new look at your data and a new look at the opportunities you have to increase audience reach, engagement, and revenue growth.  

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