Direct Sales Enablement

Direct sales is a key driver of growth but most broadcasters feel like their only choices are hiring expensive sales teams or giving a third party Agency Of Record status. TVIQ provides a better way forward.

how we can help

TVIQ provides first-party sales resources without the traditional cost or pain.

How We Do It

By automating personalized, ongoing direct sales outreach, our programmatic sales methodology creates a customized, scalable sales program for our clients. This methodology can be leveraged to support existing in-house sales programs or to kick-start a new sales effort, and in either instance will increase revenue and deepen advertiser relationships.

Increase Revenue

While programmatic, open-marketplace advertising demand is critical to creating a baseline of ad revenue, direct ad sales opens up broadcasters to new budgets from new advertisers that are otherwise unavailable to ad exchanges.

A Better Ad Experience

Unique sponsorships are rooted in contextual and audience relevance, meaning the advertisers sourced through direct sales are often a better match with your viewers. Using creative ad sizes and customized deployments also opens up new revenue streams like commerce and lead generation.

Empower Your Sellers

Our methodology means your sales team is front & center, building agency and brand relationships directly - not behind your agency-of-record. Avoid channel conflict and let your sales team benefit from having more resources available while they focus on closing more deals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Agency Of Record is a contractual designation that indicates a service provider has exclusive sales representation rights. It’s great for them because it means nobody else can sell their inventory, but the margin costs can be exorbitant and the direct demand produced often isn’t enough to justify the high revenue share required.

TVIQ’s methodology puts our client businesses first. By building a customized direct sales program but having that activity start with and come back to our clients, the value we build is for our clients first – leads, deals, and relationships we source still belong to TVIQ customers.

Yes! Because of our approach and because of our business model, our direct sales initiatives can work in support of your direct sellers, increasing sales activity and outreach without causing channel conflict or channel cannibalization.

So long as you have several hundred thousand impressions per month, direct ad sales is a viable option for you. When advertisers layer in data and targeting, often times their addressable market becomes constrained – meaning you don’t need a huge amount of impressions to launch an outreach program directly to agencies and brands.

Yes! TVIQ works with some of the leading ad product vendors in the industry and can help you deploy products that leverage QR codes, in-ad games & challenges, product finders, and even in-ad commerce.

You. Always you. TVIQ is built to create client value first and therefore any leads and deals we source ultimately always flow through our clients’ business; this ensures that we only win when our clients win, and only AFTER they win.

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