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With 20+ years of business leadership experience, TVIQ is happy to work with you to develop a customized program based on whatever your business needs.

how we can help

Our consultants will build a solution tailored to your needs and can extend beyond connected television.

Projects built for your business.
With experience in a variety of sectors like eCommerce, retail, telecommunications, geospatial data services, and even healthcare, our team can work beyond digital media to help accelerate your growth and buffer headwinds.

Recruiting and Training.

Our team has years of experience building & running global sales, product, and executive management teams. Let our experienced managers come in and work with your organization to build out and train the most effective team possible.

Executive Coaching.

Running large organizations require a unique set of skills that only come from time in the boardroom trenches. Leadership means helping others unlock their full potential and leaders deserve the opportunity to unlock their full potential as well. Our team can help make that happen.

Capital Development.

We’re not a bank but we’ve run organizations and worked with clients who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Having the right pitch with the right deck and getting it in front of the right people isn’t easy, but our experience, network, and know-how will help you achieve your funding goals faster - letting you get back to growing your business.


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