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Our NY-based CTV growth agency provides programmatic solutions to help scale, maximize revenue and source more distribution deals for our clients.

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Purpose built for streaming TV broadcasters and content providers

Programmatic Solutions for CTV Growth
Leverage our team of experienced media executives to help accelerate your growth across the entire AVOD and streaming TV ecosystem.  Our track record of success, depth of contacts at streaming TV platforms, and 20+ years of media operations experience provides the depth of resources and experience you need.
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CTV Advertising Services in NY

Let TVIQ help you:

  • Increase reach with more distribution deals and content partnerships
  • Maximize revenue from all demand sources globally
  • Optimize content and media operations

Content Distribution and Acquisition

Successfully sourcing and distributing content in a multi-screen, fast moving streaming TV ecosystem is mission critical for creating ongoing growth. TVIQ can help ensure that this mission is successful.

Ad Ops & Yield Management

Understanding how to maximize revenue and profitability across multiple channels and platforms means working with experts who can set up, manage, and optimize your yield in real time.

Direct Sales Enablement

By automating personalized, ongoing direct sales outreach, our programmatic sales methodology creates a customized, scalable sales program for our clients.

Media Planning & Buying

We bring large agency expertise and efficiency to bear but also have direct-to-publisher relationships that can help keep costs down, letting your ad budget go further.

In-Housing Data

Off-the-shelf data management and business intelligence applications often don’t work in a multi-platform, multi-channel world; customization is what you need and TVIQ can help you get there.

Custom Consulting

Want to ensure your'e focusing on the right opportunities? Let us help you.


What Our Clients Say

"Working with TVIQ has given Janson Media a scalable runway that will allow us to grow much faster than our competitors in the ad supported video entertainment industry."
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Jesse Janson
EVP, Janson Media
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Our New York-based CTV Consultants are Obsessed

We’re obsessed over:

  • Our clients’ success
  •  Delivering meaningful and measurable growth
  • Building relationships

Based in New York and Tokyo with global reach, TVIQ’s team is ready to get to work for you and your team.

We help you improve the reach of your ads from New York City to Albany, Syracuse and beyond!


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Why Choose Us

Why Choose a CTV Media Buying Agency in NY?

Want your ads seen by NY Yankees fans? Or the Giants?

The team at TVIQ knows New York well, which gives us an advantage over the competitors.

We know the area and the people and have built a network that results in measurable growth for our clients.

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CTV Advertising FAQs

Connected TV (or CTV) advertising is the fastest growing sector of media. 85% of US households now have at least one connected TV device, giving advertisers the scale they need to deliver performance television advertising.

Yes! Because CTV advertising is digital in nature, advertisers can leverage incredibly powerful datasets to deliver precision without losing scale. That means for either branding or performance initiatives, CTV delivers

CTV ads look and feel a LOT like traditional TV ads and video creatives can work in either environments. Because CTV is ultimately a digital medium, campaign execution is driven by platforms, data, and signals – precisely what TVIQ’s team are experts at!

It depends. Both Playstation and Xbox can act as devices where users access streaming TV platforms like Hulu and Paramount +. However, in-game advertising in games like Call of Duty or Madden Football are still part of the gaming ecosystem.

We can track delivery at the very impression level using a combination of ad servers and programmatic ad buying platforms. We can track by creative, target, audience cohort, time of day….if it can be tracked, it can be measured.

Yes and whenever you want! Our systems update in near real time, meaning we can provide both scheduled and ad hoc reports whenever you need with data that is rarely more than 15 minutes old.

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