Case study

Building a Proprietary AdTech Stack

How we helped a leading Food and Drink streaming publisher move off an outsourced full ad management solution and build its proprietary AdTech stack.


About The Project:

A leading Food & Drink streaming publisher partnered with TVIQ to move off of an outsourced full ad management solution and build its proprietary AdTech stack.


Our client wanted to build their own AdTech stack in order to recapture significant margin costs they spent on an agency-of-record sales partner. By deploying their own ad stack, the client would develop direct demand relationships, create the capacity to traffic sales campaigns, and maximize yield through dynamic flooring & smarter inventory management.


Below are the main details about the self-serve ad platform, ad server, CDP and data lake development projects.

Ad Server

  • Determine the technical requirements, scoped out the whole project and proposed a set of technical requirements for the ad server evaluation based on our previous experience, knowledge, and research.
  • We implemented Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 4.2 to support the delivery of video ads between our client’s video player and the ad server.
  • Integrated ad server with both SSAI vendor and SVOD app developer in order to leverage first-party data targeting in both environments. 
  • Deployed programmatic video serving


  • By moving away from an agency-of-record sales partner to an in-house solution, client immediately created a net profitability lift of 20%. 
  • TVIQ’s ad management team integrated a more aggressive price tiering strategy, moving the floor for CTV inventory from $8 to $13. 
  • Within the first 90 days of project launch, MRR increased 10X and has since doubled again.

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