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TVIQ’s experienced ad operations team will help you maximize revenue and profitability.

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Our revenue operations team will help you build and manage your own ad technology stack.

Ad Operations and Yield Management Services

Programmatic advertising in the connected TV ecosystem can be incredibly challenging and is significantly more complicated than traditional digital media. Understanding how to maximize revenue and profitability across multiple channels and platforms means working with experts who can set up, manage, and optimize your yield in real time.

Maximize Revenue

Streaming TV inventory yield management is complicated interaction between platforms, SSAI vendors, ad technology partners, and demand providers. Our ad operations team works 24/7 to move the yield curve as high as possible.

Maximize Profit

Because distribution deals can often be a mix of revenue and inventory sharing agreements, structuring your ad stack to deliver profits - not just gross revenue - requires creativity and know how.

Build Your Stack For Your Future

Because of the complexity involved, CTV companies often outsource demand creation to agencies of record. We believe that publishers should and can run their own ad technology stacks, increasing profitability and long-term value creation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No we believe that publishers should work with proven technology vendors like Publica, SpringServe, SpotX, etc. and allow us to focus.

Answer: Absolutely! Having an ad server is only the system for managing revenue – understanding how to create the highest yield possible requires experience and expertise.

No. TVIQ acts as your ad ops and yield management team but believes that all technology, contracts, deals, and revenue generated should be owned by our customers.

Absolutely – we have close relationships with every major SSP around the world and can help you secure, set up, and optimize new demand partnerships.

Due to changes in supply relationships, engagement, seasonality in demand, competition, and how these platforms compete, having a dedicated ad operations team in your corner to manage your supply & maximize revenue is critical to long-term success. 

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