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TVIQ’s mission is to provide services and solutions that help our clients unlock their full potential.


We are a New York-based connected TV media consultancy obsessed with our clients’ success.

Founded in 2021 after launching one of the first CTV consulting companies in 2018, TVIQ is a small company doing mighty things. Coming from a long career building and running media technology platforms, we’re myopically focused on creating measurable results for our clients. Based in New York and Tokyo with global reach, TVIQ’s team is ready to get to work for you and your team.

Our Story

We’re a firm dedicated to delivering meaningful and measurable CTV growth for our clients.

After a long career of building the complex advertising ecosystem, we decided it was time to help clients demystify the systems and take advantage of our insider knowledge. As early as 2018, we recognized that success in connected TV would require technology, skills, knowledge, and resources that most content companies are simply not built for. The inherent ecosystem complexity tipped the scales in favor of large platforms. Our time in the media trenches working with publishers and independent agencies & brands meant we saw an opportunity to create a business built to even the playing field and deliver real outcomes for clients without constraining internal resources. 

Meet The Founder
Scott Ryan Headshot

Scott Ryan


About Scott

With over 20 years of experience in the media & technology industries, founder Scott Ryan is a recognized leader and pioneer in the advertising ecosystem.

As a recognized expert with years of success growing media businesses, Scott brings a wealth of experience to every project.

Scott started his career in the telecommunications industry as the dot com bubble burst, eventually pivoting to ad tech as an early leader in the ad network/exchange space. He later participated in developing the first programmatic ad platforms and eventually left to launch one of the first consulting platforms dedicated to the CTV space. After selling that business, Scott launched TVIQ to offer both content platforms and brands & agencies a new, broader range of services to help accelerate growth.

He’s a proud father of two kids and three dogs, a fan of Chicago sports teams, and believes that Phish is the greatest live band of all time. 

Our Culture

Life At TVIQ

Come work with us and find out what makes TVIQ unique!

TVIQ welcomes employees, contractors, and clients without bias, prejudice, or judgment. Our beliefs are simple: be kind, be honest, be fair, and have fun.

Because TVIQ is a services platform, we tailor solutions to the client. This means we account for our clients team and budget when we design an engagement – and we design them to work for both the near and long term.

Things change. Organizational needs shift. Employees come and go. We’re flexible and we’re here to be your services platform, meaning we grow when you grow. Around here, we are obsessed with client success. We only win AFTER you win.

From content that speaks to  LGBTQIA+ audiences to channels focused on the environment & sustainability to clients that focus on persons with disabilities, we embrace clients who embrace those around them.

With offices in New York, Italy, and Tokyo, clients in Europe and the Middle East, and clients scattered around the globe, TVIQ truly operates a global business.

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